Why join ChoirJam?

Because you’ve always wanted to sing
Did someone once tell you you couldn’t sing?  What a load of old rubbish!  Singing is for everyone.  Singing makes you feel good!  It’s great for your physical, mental and emotional health and for giving your self-confidence a boost.  You really don’t have to be an amazing singer to enjoy singing with other people; when a group of voices sing together, wonderful things can happen.  It can be a truly uplifting and soul stirring experience.  It can also be completely silly (we do laugh a lot at rehearsals – mainly at ourselves)!

Because you’d like to make new friends
Let’s face it, it can be hard these days to make new friends (human beings, not just Facebook friends) especially if you’ve moved to a new area, have been swamped at work, or once the kids get older.  And especially if you’re a bloke. As soon as you walk into ChoirJam, you’ll be singing with a bunch of people who all love singing too!  Next thing you know, you’ll have some new buddies to do other stuff with (as well as singing).  At our social events you can get to know other members of the choir, as well as the ones in your weekly group.

Because you’d like to do something for you
Whether it’s dealing with pressure at work, looking after the kids/grandkids, caring for relatives or just doing boring old household chores, it can sometimes seem like we spend most of our time doing things for other people.  Making your ChoirJam session a priority gives you some time just for you, to relax, sing and have a laugh with the other Jammers and forget about other stresses in your life.  Everyone can cope without you for a bit!

Because you’d like to be more confident
Singing is a skill like any other, the more you do it, the better you get at it! Coming to ChoirJam every week, you’ll be surprised at how quickly your singing improves as you lose your inhibitions and just get lost in the singing and having fun.  It’s great for building confidence in other areas of your life, too. Taking part in our live performances is optional, but it’s funny how many of our new members choose to join in. Only months before they had probably only ever sung to the kids (captive audience!).