Hello from Emma

Hello from Emma

Hi!  If you’re checking out our website then you obviously love singing!  I started ChoirJam back in 2011 during the ‘double-dip’ recession; I thought it would be great to have a choir that sang feelgood songs, just to cheer everyone up!

Although I’m a jazz and soul singer and songwriter, I’ll confess to you right here that I LOVE POP (sssh, don’t tell anyone!)  We always had the radio on when I was growing up, whether in the house or in the car – and of course I would be there taping the Top 40 countdown down on a Sunday night (if you’re too young to know what I’m talking about, good for you!) and singing along with all the hits.  The radio is pretty much always on in our kitchen now, that’s why in ChoirJam you’ll find us singing everything from Billy Ocean to George Ezra and from Fleetwood Mac to Paloma Faith.

ChoirJam isn’t just about the songs we sing though.  I believe that when we sing together we form connections with our fellow singers that go beyond just words.  When we sing uplifting songs about dancing, or a lovely day, or loss, or love, those songs help us to express feelings we can’t always express ourselves, and when the person standing next to you in choir sings about it with you, you are joined in that experience.  Maybe that’s why so many of the “Jammers” have forged strong friendships with each other and meet up outside of choir.  (To be honest though, we do also just have a good laugh – lots of silliness goes on!)

I think singing should be for EVERYONE – so you don’t need any singing experience to join ChoirJam and you don’t need to be able to read music because I teach all the songs by ear.  What you DO need is a love of singing pop songs, bags of enthusiasm and a sense of fun!

If that sounds like you, click here to sign up and join us so you can come along and see for yourself!

Emma x


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